Moving Government Solutions Forward

Avanti Consulting is a solutions driven consulting firm that works with individuals, businesses and non-profit organizations. We offer Government Relations, Marketing and Communications, Public Relations and Business Development services to a wide range of clients in diverse sectors such as Education, Energy, Retail, Film and Real Estate.

We offer a wide-range of consultation services to our political, business and non-profit clients, including government affairs, communications and marketing.


We believe the strategy with any campaign means setting up a functional operation and moving toward a desired goal. In order for the public to embrace our messages, they must be presented in timely and well-defined terms through careful planning and execution. Goethe wrote, “He who seizes the right moment/ Is the right man.”

Government Affairs

For over 20 years, we have cultivated relationships with elected officials, staff members, supporters and volunteers to build bridges to the corridors of power. Whether our clients need letters of support, face-to-face meetings or help getting their grant requests read, we can make it happen. When dealing with government, the old adage of “Who You Know” remains true. Let our contacts work for you.

These services include but are not limited to the identification of opportunities, analysis of eligibility, application, and solicitation for public funding. We work hard to identify corporate, non-profit, and public fundraising opportunities for our clients.

Grant Writing/Applications

We have extensive experience in preparing applications and applying for a variety of Federal, State, and local grants for a multitude of purposes. These include Federal agencies such as HUD, Dept. of Labor, and the Bureau of Veterans Affairs among others. Additionally, at the state level we are experienced in accessing Dept. of Labor and Industry, and Dept. of Community and Economic Development resources. We are able to work with your management team and staff to prepare applications that conform to the Funder’s requirements, yet accurately reflects your program.

Additionally, we can assist with assessing foundation grants in your community.

Program Implementation

Avanti can also assist your organization after the award of a grant in that we are well versed in grant requirements and documentation. We can assist in the preparation of internal policies and procedures related to start-up activities, as well as assist with trouble-shooting and report tracking.

We are also able to assist with corrective action plans for program/grants that are in need of assistance.

Public Relations

We sometimes like to refer to this capability as Public Perceptions because we emphasize more than just developing awareness but also creating a brand image.

Frank Lloyd Wright said, “The physician can bury his mistakes, but the architect can only advise his clients to plant vines.” And the PR Firm can only advise their clients to stand before public scrutiny armed only with honesty and a clear message. When you believe in what you do people take notice.